Once you have a single taste, it is all too easy to get hooked. I’m taking about something very serious here. Breenaholism. Unclefun is known to go on breen benders. He has been sending me skull-print checks over the last few years, accumulating dozens of paintings, gathering one of the finest collections in the world. His walls are a constant party. The neighbors call him to turn down the art! I am so damn jealous, he has many more paintings than I do!

There is a 12-step program to wean oneself from breen addiction, but it requires buying 12 more breens. If you are a breen collector and have a similar dramatic display, please email me a photo so I can put it here!

The Culture Vulture of the Roanoke Times just did an article on me, check it out HERE.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  October 16, 2005

    (yes this is spam(think of it as a sales pitch)

  2. Anonymous

     /  October 18, 2005

    Still enjoying your work
    I’m not a Breenaholic, but I play one on TV. Thanks for the link, Eddie, and congrats on having such avid collectors. I hope you didn’t mind me calling you a diabolical artist. It should be obvious that I think your work is worthy of a larger audience, and holds up to examination as a unique art form. I’ll check back now and then on what you’re up to…I’m hoping you’ll always be up to something!
    —> Culture Vulture-VA
    Article archives at http://www.fishcards.com/culturevulture

  3. Anonymous

     /  September 7, 2006

    Wonderful article! Wonderful art!
    Hi. I just want to say how much your art makes me smile. I am a cynic due to our current events and president, but at least you’re making a statement about these things and laughing at them. Better that than crying about it. Many artists, my husband included, get advanced art degrees and bemoan the fact that they don’t “fit” into the art world and that that world is corrupted. Let’s face it: Everything is corrupted; nothing is perfect. Besides why would an artist want to “fit in” anyway?
    Why don’t you do tee shirts? Kids at the junior high where I teach ninth grade English would LOVE to be dresscoded for your pictures. Thanks and keep being fresh. We need it. Signed, a loyal watcher.


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