Pop Art Breen



I’ve been noodling this one for awhile. I got the original on Ebay a few weeks ago and thought I might retread devil boy, but I’ve already done two and couldn’t bring myself to hack out another one. I squeezed my brain, wringing out the old washcloths that pretend to be my prefrontal lobes, any toothpaste at the bottom of this tube? but I didn’t like anything I came up with.

Then my pal Fritz came to the rescue! He invited Eddie and family to go on a trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. I could have wandered around all day but after about five minutes my son decided that he had no bones in his body and shackled himself to my leg, forcing me to lurch through the galleries like Frankenstein. There was only one thing to do. I wheeled into the nearest gallery – Pop Art.

Here I saw cardboard boxes hanging importantly on the wall, rescued from some dumpster by Robert Rauschenberg. Now THAT is ART POWER! Here. This is my garbage. It is important because it is not important, it is mundane! Hang it up. Now write me a check and be snappy about it! WOW! I love him! Well, you can’t get better inspiration than THAT!

Most of the background of my new painting is rendered in a Rauschenberg style with a cardboard ‘combine’, to which I’ve taken the liberty of gorilla-gluing cat litter(clean). Catboy’s shirt is perfectly yellowed in areas that the glue comes. I also put in a non-Warhol style Campbell’s soup can, but I’ve redesigned it with the Scottish Campbell family tartan. I also tried my hand at making a Wayne Thiebaud style piece of pie, but added eyes to it to make eye pie.

To bid on this painting go HERE.To see a more detailed shot of the painting above click HERE

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  1. I really like the cardboard adition.


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