Text says,‘I have no ideas right now!!! Please come back later!’ Green man says, “But I am working through it!” Acrylic on oil? on canvas, about 24″X20″. I changed this one a couple of times and couldn’t think of anything to do. It sat for awhile, partially painted, looked too scary, so I put a heart in the middle to soften it up. I stared and I stared but couldn’t see past my eyes. YAAHHH!!! Blocked! So I painted a garbage can and a bunch of broken light bulbs and the ‘no ideas’ text. I painted my feeble pre-alzheimer brain which is full of tangles and plaque and spiked a bunch of other stuff I’ve overused in paintings in the past like eyes and fish. But then again, who doesn’t often feel like this, groping for fresh ideas, sick of the same old thoughts, plodding along the same old brain furrows. If you say “me”, then I hate you.

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Lame Duck Pandemic

A few years ago I did a number of reworked duck decoys, but stopped, mainly because the decoy originals were expensive and I never got much for them. However, the other day Mrs. Breen and I were nosing around antique stores and I came across a couple of unfinished duck decoys for cheap. As I stared down the beak I saw George’s face grimacing quite woodenly. I don’t care what I get for this, this idea needs to float!

LAME DUCK painted on wooden DECOY, 12″ long, about 6″ high. Attempted to make it look like George W. Bush wrapping the flag around himself. The text says, ‘No shelter for the lame duck from the political pandemic!’ Acrylic on top of unpainted wood duck decoy. My own hair is gorilla glued to the ducks head. It looks like the greasy mop I sport when
I’m sick and haven’t had a shower in awhile. No better COA than my own DNA!

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Well, this was supposed to be, ‘Helen Keller fakes her orgasms,’ which explains the half naked Helen Keller in the upper left-hand corner of the painting…but the birds just took over and I ended up with ‘Your food crossed the road to start a global pandemic.’ But I’m changing ‘start’ to ‘spark’ which is a more vigorous verb.

Do you think I was wrong to change the Helen Keller thing and leave her a lonely, naked orphan in this painting? Perhaps my puritan prudery influenced my brush. Let me know what you think in the comments section below. To bid on this painting, go HERE.