Lame Duck Pandemic

A few years ago I did a number of reworked duck decoys, but stopped, mainly because the decoy originals were expensive and I never got much for them. However, the other day Mrs. Breen and I were nosing around antique stores and I came across a couple of unfinished duck decoys for cheap. As I stared down the beak I saw George’s face grimacing quite woodenly. I don’t care what I get for this, this idea needs to float!

LAME DUCK painted on wooden DECOY, 12″ long, about 6″ high. Attempted to make it look like George W. Bush wrapping the flag around himself. The text says, ‘No shelter for the lame duck from the political pandemic!’ Acrylic on top of unpainted wood duck decoy. My own hair is gorilla glued to the ducks head. It looks like the greasy mop I sport when
I’m sick and haven’t had a shower in awhile. No better COA than my own DNA!

To bid on the duck, go HERE.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  November 16, 2005

    Well Done
    That is a very well done paint job and duck. That looks very realistic and I really like it. Bravo.
    The Complimenting Commenter

  2. …..
    the resemblence is uncanny.


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