Personalized Apocalypse



Text says,‘Atropos promises a personalized apocalypse’ and ‘Signs point to yes!’ Acrylic on oil? on canvas, about 19.5″X24.5″ including painted frame.

Remember the magic 8-ball you had as a kid? How it kind of told the future you already thought you knew the answers to? What if you had a magic 8 ball in your head?

She looked like a fortune teller to me, so I gave her a Magic 8 Ball Afro and put her on a pool table. The hands, like wings, are held by The Fates thread. The balls on the table represent various stages of evolution, The table pockets have various types of apocalypses as life tends to make its various forms obsolete with great rapidity. Yikes! Dark Breen! High-Falutin’ references! This is part of pair of paintings, the next one will be out after I paint a portrait for Christy. Below is the twin to this, which I’ll breen up and put on ebay.