Jaundiced Fists



I was skulking around the Ebay self-rep artist listings one day when I noticed a number of very sweet Frida Kahlo homages lined up like bad Elvis impersonators. I thought, hell, I can suck off that moldy corpse too! Looking around for the right vehicle for her to ride in and I saw this Captain languishing in the barn. Has there ever been a Frida sea captain painting before? Shiver me timbers, probably not! After painting out the pipe, I noticed he seemed to take on a pugilistic stance. And the fists were kind of yellow, while Captain Frida had a red flushed face (not a very good match!) That idea drove the rest of the painting, which doesn’t actually make a lot of sense now that I look it over. Ahh, but so what else is new.

Text says,‘It’s Impossible To Defend Against Inner Demons Who Attack Below The Waterline…When you have Jaundiced Fists!’ Acrylic on oil? on canvas, 27.75″ X 32″ including painted frame. Very large Breen ready to hang!

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