Itsy Etsy Paintings

Since the economy is crumbling into recession, and no one has cash on hand to spend on frivolities like art, I thought it would be the perfect time to put 2 small paintings up on Etsy for enormous amounts of money! I am fond of Ebay, but I’m giving Etsy a shot to see how it works out – I don’t know how much cross-pollination there is, it will be interesting to see. The 2 paintings are below:



To see my shop at Etsy, go to:

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  1. Wow, this is a revelation.
    Woohoo Eddie, I had no idea we’d be traveling in the same Etsy circles someday. I’ve been telling people about you for years. Now I can actually show your paintings off in the etsy chatrooms. I’m either in the Red Room when it isn’t stuffed to capacity or in Pirate’s Cove. My shop is at Or you can just chat me up here on live journal. Can’t wait to go check out your shop.

    • Re: Wow, this is a revelation.
      Thanks for the kind words. I was sucked into watching Martha Stewart one day when she started talking up these kids shirts she found on Etsy. Martha perusing Etsy? I figured if it was good for Martha I best get something up there.

      • Re: Wow, this is a revelation.
        Oh yes, the chatrooms were buzzing about the Martha thing for days. Martha martha martha. Hopefully it will bring more buyers. Otherwise we are pretty much selling to each other, and well, we aren’t exactly millionaires.

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