This is a rare textless breen! 16″X12″ on canvasboard, acrylic over oil?acrylic?, not sure. This is one of a batch of portraits I’ve been working on lately where it seems that l the subjects look very sad. This lady had a particularly long-suffering look, very martyrish with a lot of longing and disappointment as well.  So I turned her into Jesus. I know, I know, kind of predictable, but I haven’t done Christ for awhile and felt a pull towards Him.  I started this before Easter, and of course finished right on my regular way too late schedule.  For those keen eyed art historians who are slumming here, yes, the rabbits are a feeble theft from the Bosch painting, Christ Carrying the Cross.  This is one of my finest Christs, and I didn’t think the text would fit, would detract in this rare case, so I left it out. I was going to write something like – ‘Do I really want to die for these people?’ I wrote this on the back of the painting in ballpoint, which is how I sometimes remember my ideas.



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