Obama Liberty Lifts Us Out Of The New Depression.



This painting is 24" X 18", acrylic on oil or acrylic over an original stretched canvas of the Statue of Liberty.

The type says – ‘In Obama we trust. New Depression Art Commodity. Type says ‘High Risk Investment! Newest Deal. Wall Street.’ The value of the work, arbitrarily assessed, is painted on the outside of the work. You do not have to agree with this assessment and are encouraged to pay far, far beyond the face value of this piece, proving that this Depression is not going to keep you down! Obama, the next president of the United States(please citizens), is morphed with the Statue of Liberty. While Wall Street burns under the impotent gaze of the death masked monopoly man, bees make honey and a glass of milk just kind of floats there, symbolizing the new land of milk and honey being forged. On the bottom left you have tiny armed John McCain staring, shocked, at the snake eyes he threw in choosing rogue lipsticked pitbull Sarah Palin, who dwells on the bottom right-hand side of the painting. In the bottom center, FDR sits in a barrel in his wheelchair. Actually, this FDR looks more like my deceased father.

Obama, Obama, Obama! Seven days to the future! I love Obama! I want to marry him. And I’m able to, because I live in Massachusetts! My wife and his wife might get upset, but they could learn to live with it. Then I could paint Breens all day in the White House, giving them as gifts to foreign dignitaries and the press! He’s got to win, if McCain wins, my next painting after the election will be ‘Death wins, death always wins!’. Actually, I may do that one anyway, it sounds pretty cool.

As we hurtle deeper into the New Depression of the 21st Century I realize that my recent gas and food painting was quite prescient! Since then the stock market has lost nearly half its value! Soon, we are all going to be living in bunkers and dealing grains of rice to each other like wampum. This is why I’ve decided, to replace the US’s soon to be worthless currency with my own art-money – its value painted right on to the canvas. I present this series of New Depression Art Commodity paintings feeling like a one man WPA, painting while I alternately hum Sex Pistols and Woody Guthrie. I’ll try to do at least 10 of these and this one is numbered #1(‘Gas and Food’ is the genesis, but I didn’t make it into art-money like these. However, Murray, if your following, I’ll paint #00 into Gas and Food for you if you send it back to me!).

When your stocks have evaporated(whoops, I guess they already have), you can consider these cash! It doesn’t mean that anyone else will, but you can!

Picture this – you are forced to barter cans of sardines to a post-apocalyptic mohawk sporting road warrior to pass into the Free Republic of Canada Lands. This axe-wielding fellow might happen to spy Obama Liberty breen sticking out of the back of your horse drawn F150. He generously offers to let you keep your 3 cans of sardines and instead trade passage for your breenage, a deal you gleefully assent to! Or, he just kills you for it. But lets face it, that’s a chance you’ll have to take, you should have hid the breen better! This is exactly the kind of art that will appeal to these futuristic psychopaths.

Now lets say, hope against hope, Obama fixes things up nice and tidy. We’ll all rise on the high tide! Trillionaires the world over, struck by collective amnesia, will be looking at any poorly considered high risk investment to pour their money into. If that doesn’t describe my art, then I don’t know what! In fact, the one market that is actually doing quite well right now, as people bail out of stocks, is the high end art market(Not necessarily mine, past performance does not guarantee future results! But it’s more fun when it does!)

UPDATE!!! Stock market went up 800+ points today as I wrote this! Of course, you’re all rich again, buy, buy, buy!!!

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