I have piles of prebreens lying around and none of them were volunteering for a work-over, so I grabbed this reluctant participant a couple of days ago and strapped him in. I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with this when I started, but his hair reminded me of a rooster’s coxcomb, so I turned him into a giant chicken thing.  He also reminded me of the new Governor of Minnesota in his touchy-feely Stuart Smiley role on SNL years ago, so  I gave him multi-fingered chicken wings. I always forget how hit or miss I am in rendering hands, so I decided to face my fear head on and put a hand on the side of his head.

Then I mused – where am I going with this, what does it mean? I thought of idea after idea, writing them down enthusiastically, then cooling to them. After that, I noticed the ear hole and thought it reminded me of stigmata, which in turn led me to think of Jesus, so I popped him in there too.  Crazy thing happened though – after I painted Jesus, he looked so concerned, I started falling under his spell a little … but I shook it off and tried not to look at him too much. Beware of this Jesus, he is a powerful little savior and will not be denied!

I realized that this Jesus does love me! He does! But my brain finished with the thought, but isn’t IN love WITH me!

My son came in and said, "Dad? Is that a self portrait?
"Well no, does he look like me?"
"Kinda, especially those."
"His man-boobs."
This, of course, caused me to paint a crying nun over the offending area – she is upset Jesus is breaking off the engagement. This leaves weird mutant hand-eared chicken man isolated in the work, as Jesus must be talking about the nun. Maybe not though, Jesus loves everyone, including a 7-finger winged rooster freak, who never did any thing to anyone, minding his own business at the flea market until yanked and hijacked into this acrylic indignity!  Oh well! The other ideas I had for the development of the piece are listed on the back of the painting.



To buy this painting go Here

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