Bee Beard Twitter Breen

This is a social network themed breen, Twitter in particular. I gave Edwina here her own Twitter account from which she has been commenting her thoughts as she’s endured breenishments – the first time any of my works have been given the opportunity to complain publicly!

I’m sure she’ll have lots more to say now that she’s for sale – just go to Twitter and search for ‘artismylife’, which is her username. She is being followed by close to 600 people at the moment I write this, but I’m sure that will grow. Many of the icons buzzing around her head are of Twitter users I’ve interacted with and many are just made up. A bird sits on her shoulder – quoth the Tweeter, "More followers!" What are you doing? is the text over the empty Twitter text box one fills with no more than 140 characters making for ambiguos Haiku-like entries. The text I’ve filled the box with is 137 characters, 3 short. The honey comb on her arm is leaking honey at the bottom. Of course she has a killer Bee beard, giving her either a bearded lady or Jesus kind of look. I’m starting this one at a penny due to economic conditions being what they are. Lets see where this lands!



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  1. Brilliant
    LOL! Keeps them from flying away, yet you can still experience the pleasure pain!


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