Nose to the Grindstone!

I’ve had this gentleman moping around, getting way too comfortable in the studio.


He looked kind of sad, weary really. He had that kind of look that says, "Oh crap! It’s Monday!"

So I thought, you want Monday, I’ll give you Monday fella!

I put him in a yoke like an ox, so he could drag his huge steel, chained and weighted Monday around
behind him, all Marley ghost-like. Then I gave him a grindstone to hold because he has to work and
shove his schnoze against it – I made his nose a little bloody since he works so hard. Rats run a race at
the base of the painting and bills flutter down, reminding us why he is locked into this rut.
After all this, I realize it needed more. After all, how could he continue, how is Monday even remotely endurable
without…without..COFFEE! So I turned his head into a giant coffee cup and filled it right up with black java, the
breenish beverage of choice, 6 cups a day!


To buy this piece, please goHERE.

I was going to do all the days of the week, but Mrs. Breen very sensibly asked, "what are you going to do with Tuesday?
There is nothing special about Tuesday. No one even care about Tuesday!" I had to agree with her. Maybe Friday, Saturday or
Sunday, but Tuesday and Wednesday are hard to work up any enthusiasm over. I’m undecided. Do any of you have any
feelings at all about those faceless days that just seem to be filler for the rest of the week? Filler! I just answered my own question!

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  1. Anonymous

     /  October 18, 2009

    Well, Sonny, since you were born at 8:25 a.m. on a Tuesday, I would say it was a very special day. But then, I suppose you don’t remember all the pain, the groans and screams and general carrying on to which the doctor and nurses were subjected.
    Just thought I’d remind you.
    I like Monday – especially the rat race! How your father would have chortled to see what a delightfully twisted mind his genes passed on. (Not my WASP genes, I’m sure!)


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