Eddie’s iPhone tripod mod is a work of art, pat his head.

When I got my new iPhone 3gs, I was disappointed I couldn’t screw it into  tripod, so I hacked this together –


This rig can be used for almost any camera phone, one size fits all. My poor cast-off Sony Ericsson candy bar camera phone fit quite snugly! Maybe someone already offers this tripod mount for sale somewhere – I don’t know. I did an exhaustive search for as long as my limited attention span would allow, about an hour, and couldn’t find anything, so I just made one myself.

It’s been reviewed on iPhone Saviour – http://budurl.com/32tv

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  1. Anonymous

     /  August 10, 2009

    from: Daniel Franklin Janes – twitter.com/Danzr_1
    ah soo… vely ineresin…
    ! 420 Alert #ifyousmokelikewesmoke -muggle MOST WANTED #1 MOST DANGEROUS http://bit.ly/c1v4o http://bit.ly/QioPr http://bit.ly/r1AL6 Thurs 8/13/09 “R U Outavit & The Fire of Prometheus” Squawk Coffeehouse Cambridge MA {Underground Surrealism} (c) <;-)


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