First Breenish Guitar – ‘Flying Frying Fingers!’

A while back luthier extraordinaire, Al Reid, proposed I paint an electric guitar which he would have clear-coated and assemble. Not a piece of crap thrift store hunk of unplayable wood, but a new professional instrument that any musician in the world would feel comfortable taking up on stage. Finally! A Breen worthy of being set on fire by Hendrix or smashed on stage by Pete Townsend! Well here it is! the pictures don’t do it justice, I’ll be taking better ones later. Your pick won’t be scraping of hunks of sun and finger because after I painted the body it was professionally clear coated. I call it Frying Flying Fingers, or FFF for short, pronounced phhfffff. I always thought the sunburst style was kind of dull so I breened it into a supernova, and laced in burning, impossibly long fingers. On the back is the guitar’s brain, necessary to help you complete your song, since, as a musician, you are completely drugged up and can hardly stand – get to rehab before it’s too late!
Here’s a little from Al about the guitar –
This guitar was built by Al Reid Guitars It is a one of a kind custom made Telecaster.The neck,pickups and hardware are  authentic Fender FSR  Standard Telecaster parts. The body  is custom made of Ash and is back routed to accommodate the upgraded electronics. A 4-way selector switch with high end controls expand the tonal versatility. Before assembly the entire body and headstock were treated to a very special encounter with Eddie and then clear coated to protect the image by Julian Miller at Sublime Restoration. Julian is well know for his work with the Whitney Museum in New York .Besides being an extraordinary art piece this guitar is a fully functional professionally prepared instrument. Al Reid Guitars also offers any modifications desired.
This #1 and I’m selling it for $3500 + shipping. If you want to modify the electronics, Al can upgrade it for an additional fee. If interested in seeing more shots or buying this guitar email me or go to the ebay listing.

Cryptic Captain!

Sometimes I start a painting and it wheels out of control like a spinning car on black ice and slams into a tree! This is one of those!
I had a breen lying around that really wasn’t complete and I didn’t like very much. It started out as a little girl.


Since this was painted by someone named E. Burger, who I couldn’t find any info on (and unfortunately accidentally painted over the signature), I pretended it was by Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren E. Burger and made the portait into a judge. She is sitting in a brain surrounded by neurons beset py plaques and tangles which precede Alzheimers. Although there is no medical evidence to support this, I am firmly convinced my own skull is filled with these or soon will be!


Of course, she resented this treatment and stubbornly resisted being incorporated into the painting in any pleasing aesthetic way! Insolent child! But can I blame her? When I scrawled the text on the painting, I did it in large shouting Uncle Sam Wants You enlistment letters as thought that would give some meaning to this paint pizza.


So I’ve been glaring at her for the past year or two across the studio while she harbors a tight little smug smile, nyaah, nyaah, nya, nyaahing me. And when I had the idea of rebreening a Breen, there was no place for her to hide!

I am on a sea captain series as most of you know, and thought it might be funny to turn a young girl into a grizzled captain. I think we can all agree, the result is creepier than one could hope! I aged the face and gave her light blue eyes and popped the Captain’s Hat on her head. I also gave her a slightly open smile with very bad teeth, a technique all who vandalize art instinctually know from elementary school. The text, which appears to be jumbled, is perfectly readable once you figure out how. There is a spilled wine bottle at his/her elbow and I threw in a bunch of arbitrary eyes, simply because I could. Mrs. Breen thinks this one looks TOO creepy and suggested I throw in some flowers or balloons to soften things up like I sometimes do. But I decided to let it ride. After all, there’s no reason I shouldn’t float a creepy nonsensical breen every now and then! Lets face it! It’s what I do best!

This one isn’t for sale yet.


Captain Ed Is A Horse Of Course Of Course!

I think I mentioned my Sea Captain Wall in passing in the last post. After moving into the new digs and getting my studio set up, I noticed I had a lot of captains in the prebreen pile. Well anytime you get a big group of blow-hards together like that there is sure to be trouble. Damned if they didn’t gang up on me and demand to be hung! They looked so good as a group, I decided to make my own captains out of paintings that weren’t captains yet, thus you get the painting in the posting prior to this one. Though to be fair, he was practically a captain with the old man beard and pipe. Who needs maritime training when you look like that?

Tour my wall below:
Part I

Part II

Another painting that was hanging out at the prebreen pile was a horse head on round masonite.


So, I turned him into a Sea Captain!


"Captain Ed Is A Horse Of Few Words!" "Hey!" he says. Horseshoe crabs meander around and a Prairie Schooner is at anchor in the background. This is a simple inoffensive breen, and as such, is EXTREMELY RARE!!! Well, I’ll probably paint a bunch more of these until you’re sick to death of them, so stick around!