Piranha Pizza

Another Captain! I cheated on this one – he was already a Captain, I just jazzed him up a little. I started this piece last October while staying in at Whites Village, a group of cabins along the bay side in North Truro on Cape Cod. But, well, you know, I had too much to drink, played poker til 2am and read supermarket tabloids while nursing my hangover, so not too much painting got done. Anyway, I’d put a pizza in his tortured hands and for months he’s been staring off to the left, holding a pizza, afraid to move in case it gave me any ideas. The other night I had pizza with anchovies and imagined them as little piranhas gathering in my gut to attack. Boom! Done. He will go in my Captain pile for a future show.




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  1. my grandfather had a picture of this same guy, smoking the same pipe, but from a different angle.


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