Are You Going To Eat That?!?!? Again?

Well that didn’t work! Put it up with a buy it now for $700 which disappeared when someone bid a penny. Looks like this one is going to be stolen!
Bid on this breen here.
This is an old but yummy breen which I’m kicking out into the world. Art students may buy it and practice comically falling against it so when they come near a Picasso they’ll know what to do! This painting has never been for sale, I kept it around because I liked it. But now I hate it. Don’t look so shocked.

Text on this painting says, ‘Are You Going to Eat That?’
Several years ago, I discovered I had Diverticulosis, which means that now, instead of eating lots of crap like I used to, I have to eat Kashi cereal and spinach and black beans and graze on lots and lots of greens like a cow in a field. This put a crimp in one of my favorite activities, going to Richdale’s convenience store in Newburyport for their 25 cent hot dogs. You could get 4 for a buck, smothered with onions and mustard, and be guaranteed a pleasant nauseated feeling for cheap. Of course, Mrs. Breen hates this, since she believes these delicious dogs to be as poisonous as antifreeze, so I have to sneak over there. But I took Mrs. Breen’s thrifty sister and commonlaw boyfriend over there anyway.

Walton and Emma

That Richdale hot dog is front and center of this piece. I thought the subject of this portrait looked like William S. Burroughs and this painting is a real ‘Naked Lunch’ moment, before you put the fork to your mouth and take the food into your body – ‘…a frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork’.



In my postbreen, the 25 cent hot dog is contemplated with horror. Maybe it’s the toenail on it. Throughout the painting are weird foods I have eaten. Snake, chocolate-covered ants, grasshopper, dog(in China), snails and mescal worm are mixed with not so weird, but unhealthy foods that I love, such as Boston Kreme Donuts, McDonald Cheeseburgers, pepperoni pizza and Smarties. I would uncontrollably eat myself to death if enough Smarties were placed in front of me. There is also a monkey offering a quarter for the hot dog – I never did eat monkey brain, but it seems like the ultimate fear factor food to me so I dropped it in. Bon Appetit!

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