St. Patrick’s Horrors!

Enjoy this vintage St. Patrick’s Day breenage!

Putting the Leprechaun in prison was a big mistake! It just taught him to be a more vicious criminal!

Leprechaun Clown wasn’t scared of the aliens since they had the same skin color! He was just sad they were so tiny!

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Continuity Error Filled Breen!

Painting is about 19.5″X16″, acrylic on oil or acrylic stretched canvas, painted over an existing painting. Text says, ‘This painting suffers from continuity errors! But the subject is uninterested.’

First thing I noticed about this lady, sitting and closeup, was how the painting was divided like scenes in a movie. Upon closer inspection, I also noticed that she was wearing a nice sweater on the left, but somehow had changed into a collared shirt with vest on the right! If this was done in an adjacent scene in the same timeline in a film, this would be called a ‘continuity error’. So focusing on that ridiculous idea, I plowed forward! She also looks completely uninterested in her surroundings so I thought I’d ratchet things up a bit to wake her up – but it didn’t seem to work! No matter what indignities I heaped upon her, she always seemed nonplussed! I painted the background on the left before I remembered to shoot the prebreen version below, so it is not really completely breenfree.


So – what are the continuity errors in this painting? Well, as mentioned before, the wardrobe differences start things off. The backgrounds of the two scenes are different colors, pink and green, on the left she has insect legs growing out of her back and a steel mask embedded on half her face, while on the right she has halibut nostrils and a deformed electric eel growing out of her shocking hairdo. On the left there is a deep-sea eyeball diver while on the right yingyang is a frogman. Highly organized insects on the left are bees, but on the right are ants. Also, the watch on the left has a closed eye while on the right it has migrated to her neck and is wide awake! What time does it say it is? Breen buying time! Starting at a penny! Begin your breen collection here! All proceeds go right in my pocket and will be squandered gleefully on crap! Go HERE to see if you can buy this for less than that Snuggie you got your wife as a joke present for Christmas!


Hell Olympics

Text says, ‘In the Hell Olympics Resistance to Temptation Wins You An Ice Cube Necklace!’


Someone asked me if I’d been watching the Olympics recently, and I realized I hadn’t, so I put it on in my studio for background noise. I’d forgotten how stressful it was and couldn’t imagine doing it, working all you life to go through the agony of defeat at the end, which is what most of the athletes did! I also was quite taken by the bright colors of the uniforms. I had this portrait of a woman who looked like she was in some kind of hell already, so I popped her into a USA ski team uniform with a predatory helmet. Satan is offering her an ice cream sundae, but she refuses and is rewarded with an ice cube necklace. Gold would just burn her, and why should she even compete for more of the same? She is both swooning over the torment and reveling in the coolness of the cubes – it works both ways!