Haitian Kids’ Art Breened!

Before you get all huffy in a how could you kind of way I did say no at first. Poverty, earthquake, hunger, death. No sense in kicking kids when they’re down. But Judy Hoffman, a collector of mine associated with the Art Creation Foundation For Children, asked me persistently, and guaranteed I wouldn’t make any kids cry.  More of a collaboration here in that they sent me unadorned paper mache ducks to finish up! The kids usually paint eyes all over them anyway, exactly the kind of thing I do, kindred spirits! The proceeds from the sale of these two ducks, rather than being spent on my usual manicures and Connecticut casino trips, will go right to the kids before I squander a penny!

See the pieces and their descriptions below –

Ebay listing and description for Self-Ducked

Ebay listing and description for Boys Sell Grit!

I’m starting these out for a penny so who knows, you might get these for less than the cost of one yoga session!

Also, I have put my huge breen, ‘Everything is fabulous when you’re golden!’ up for auction…starting at 99cents! So if you ever wanted a big beautiful breen, but have never been able to afford it – now is the time to jump!

Ebay listing for Fabulously Golden!





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  1. Totally love your work – completely refreshing, hilarious, and best of all your translation from Italian regaling your genius! May you have a long and very fun career . . .


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