Painting is about 12″X15.5″, acrylic on oil or acrylic stretched canvas including painted frame, painted over an existing painting.


Text says, ‘In Rye, NH, John Lionsmane didn’t want to sting! He just wanted to play!’ Further down, mixed up in the tentacles the text says, ‘No children were harmed in the breening of this painting!’ This work was painted over at least once already before I got to it. The wire on the back is vertical to the image, which would indicate that the original painting was horizontally oriented, and that the boy painting I hijacked to was never hung.

On the back of this painting I painted some text which is an inside joke between my son and I, you won’t get it, but if you end up winning this piece, and in the future after I’m dead you need its authenticity confirmed, track down my son, he will be able to tell you what it means and confirm its authenticity. Of course, after I die I expect my grieving relatives, friends and committed collectors, unable to go on without me, to all hurl themselves into my grave and commit mass suicide, so my son may not be around to confirm the joke.

This painting has been completely worked over, the only remaining uncovered piece is the left hand pupil as you look at it, though the light patch in the pupil is mine. I didn’t mean to completely cover him, he was a very good portrait, but my hand wants what it wants, and sometimes just keeps going! It’s vacation-time and jellyfish have been on my mind. I started this in Connecticut at the beach while my son shoveled up any errant jellyfish who had the misfortune to cross his path, throwing them in the seagrass. They were pretty thick in the water and I got stung on my ankles, so I began to cheer on his bad karma actions, and gave the boy in the portrait a jellyfish body. After I got home, I heard about the massive Lionsmane jellyfish the size of a trashcan lid with 50 foot tentacles found floating at a beach in Rye, NH. The lifeguard hauled it out of the water with a pitchfork but the tentacles broke off, stinging everyone who brushed up against them, 100 or so including 9 kids. People and jellyfish don’t mix, that’s all there is to it.


Get it cheap while everyone is on vacation and no one is inside looking at a computer screen, except for you, you loser! Actually, don’t even bid. Turn off your computer right now and go outside, take a walk, ride your bike, go to the beach! It’s a beautiful day!

Are you still here? Good, because those suckers who just took my advice walked away from this contest. The first 3 people who email me with the 3 word text hidden within the painting, NOT MENTIONED in the ebay description, will be mailed an actual, gen-u-ine, signed, eddie breen painted stone, harvested off the beach in Gloucester, and tarted up by yours truly!  Why go outside and collect beach stones when I can do it for you? And paint them and send them to you?

Buy this Breen HERE.

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