Brick House

I put this up last week, but as I am having Internet issues, I’m cramming this onto my blog with tiny error prone finger punches on my iPhone! 

I’ve sold paintings to collectors all over the United States and Europe. Articles about my art have appeared in major US newspapers and magazines as well as internationally in Vogue Italia, The Guardian and Lufthansa in-flight magazine(weird!). My art is collected by a Texas rancher, government workers, teachers, more than a few lawyers, a McMurdo station worker(Antarctic), movie producer, ad agency guys, housewives, artists and lots of other off-kilter individuals it gratifies me to know are out there. And many of these people haven’t stopped at one, some buying as many as 30 paintings over the years.

If you want to know more about who I am, go to my ABOUT ME page, or just 

  My name is Eddie Breen, and I approve this art.  

Painting is about 22″X18″, acrylic on oil or acrylic stretched canvas, painted over an existing painting.


Text says, ‘She’s a brick house but has no door!’ Old breens shouldn’t get too smug lying around my studio, because they’re apt to get the same treatment any other painting hanging around here is in for – another breening! This is a rebreen of an older breen I wasn’t real happy with and never actually considered finished. My original treatment was kind of whiney, which I have to watch, cause no one wants to hear that crap. Lately, I’ve been seeing ads for a new Rapunzel movie, so it spurred me to polish this one off. The original subject looked attractive but kind of unapproachable, like her guard was up, perhaps she’d been hurt too much in the past. So I bricked her into a fortress with no door! But you have to have access somehow, so I installed a Rapunzel window. Wolf butterfly huffs and puffs to blow her house in, but that doesn’t work too well on brick. In the middle of this Jesus tapped me on the shoulder and said,’Um, can I add something here?’ So I popped him in and he says, ‘You don’t need a door honey, just a golden stair!’ I guess I should explain this because neither Mrs. Breen or her friend Mrs. Allison got it. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so I may climb your golden stair!” Personally, due to all the fairy tale references, I think this would be a good painting for a child’s room! Also, this is the most signed breen in existence! There are at least 55 full signatures and many partial ones. By the way, this is the only painting in existence that has my nonbreen signature on it. My birth name is hidden in this work! And you could possibly own all this for a penny! But is has to be shiny! 


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  1. Oh, my God. Your work makes me laugh so hard.

    I love your work!


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