This is a truly hideous Breen. Sometimes you start out with an idea and it gets weirder and weirder and the painting  draws your eye to its doom, like an eclipse you’re not SUPPOSED to look at. So here you go.

Breast-fed special effects and quick paced edited movie shots, todays visual consumer needs some razzamatazz to his art, a spicy helping of menace, EXTREME art if you will. That’s why I placed a solar eclipse in this painting. BUT BEWARE! If you look at this work for more than 20 seconds straight, YOU WILL GO BLIND! Now, you can make a 6’ long cardboard box pinhole viewer, directions here: and view the painting without fear and damage to your retinas. Or, you can just trust me that this is a really, really good painting, buy it whatever the cost, never look at it except with quick sideway glances, and know that you have a truly great, very dangerous work of art on your wall! Imagine the panic and thrills at your next dinner party, when your guests mill around the living room, your boss begins to gaze on your new breen and you scream at him -”Don’t look at that painting! It’ll BLIND YOU! I’m SERIOUS!” Now that’s EXTREME!

Text says, ‘Lend Escalier your ear(s) and he’ll sing you a song!’ Also ‘Don’t stare at the eclipse on this painting or you’ll go blind!’ I wrote ‘blind’ originally then kind of half painted over it and wrote it in braille dots. The original painting was a copy of Van Gogh piece, ‘Portrait of Patience Escalier.’ Anytime I see impressionist or post-impressionist portraits I imagine the subjects as lizard people, so I gave him that face. He is gleefully showing off his look with a flashlight under the chin, trying to scare us. VG’s ears keep growing back, so I threw four on Escalier’s shoulders to keep him warm. 



If you want to bid on this piece, go to:

Starting at only a penny!

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