Ipswich Art Show

These are paintings I’m putting in the Ipswich Art Show, which opens at the Ipswich Town Hall this weekend.  Normally, I don’t participate in local events and try to keep a low profile, a secret identity if you will.  My point of view has always been – I have a kid in this town, and I don’t want him to be shunned for MY oddity. But, as he recently demanded Mrs. Breen divorce me since I tried to enforce his bed-time, screw it, I’m coming out as a personal punishment to him.


That feels better.

I’m contributing two pieces to the show.  The first is new, the second I did a while back, but never put up for sale. This first one is classic breen-dark, the second breen-light.

sea monkey cymbal monkey captain

This painting was safe for a while, since, after first painting the frame gold, I thought it then looked too fancy to breen!  But recently I hatched this idea, and, well, no painting is safe in my house. This isn’t the first sea monkey captain I’ve done, but it is the first sea monkey CYMBAL monkey.  The text says, ‘Do Not Resist’ which, oddly enough, was on the old comic book ads for sea monkeys! Do not resist our completely false advertisement! Buy the shrimp and try vainly to imagine them as tiny hominids!

do not resist
I pasted an off-center monkey face on the captain (note the pipe coming out of the side of his head), with the familiar cymbal monkey grimace. The effect here is that your eye darts around, off-balance, and you feel increasingly agitated, the way you would if the cymbal monkey was actually, annoyingly, slamming the cymbals together! Monkeys hook arms around the outside of the painting as they do in the barrel full of monkeys game, and a numerical code describes the meaning of the painting’s elements on the very inside of the frame. The pipe bubble gives the solution to this EXTREMELY simple code. Various Ipswich insects grace the painting including the greenhead fly, the mosquito and the deer tick(arachnid).

sea monkey cymbal monkey captain

A horse is a horse of course of course, unless of course it’s breened, in which case it’s a sea captain! This is one of those rare completely inoffensive breens. Unless you don’t like horses messed with.


Captain Ed was a horse of few words


Captain Ed was a horse of few words.

This is a rare opportunity for locals to see a couple of real breens before they get snapped up by wealthy collectors! I’ll be lurking around the opening, avoiding eye contact with my howling or flustered neighbors, pretending not to be me!


Opening Friday 10/1 at  6-10pm / The show will be up Fri from 11am to Sunday,10/3 at 4pm.

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