Flame Fido

There should be a flame dog here!

The Breen family is getting a pooch today! To celebrate, I rendered a painting influenced by my new muse! No animals were harmed during the rendering of this art piece. To bid on this piece, go HERE.

We’re All Quite Mad!


This is a quickie, childish, political cartoon breen for your perusal on election day! The prebreen was really a good clown by Grandma Martin, I’ve probably done a disservice to the original in my slap-dash treatment. But I really didn’t change the clown too much.  I needed to get it out today so here you go! Go out and vote! That is, unless you vote tea party, in which case, you don’t need to go out today, it’s kind of chilly out there.


To buy this breen go HERE.

Convent Con

Text on this one says ‘Jesus Vows To Spring Prison Nun!’ Also, ‘No Convent Can Hold Her!’ and “I’m innocent!”

The subject of this portrait must not have wanted to sit for this or was mad at the artist.  That’s how these portraits end up at the flea market! No one wants a pissed off picture of themselves! She is probably called ‘Sunny’ by her friends, and is the smiliest lady around!  But, my attempts to hang smiles on the angry usually end up in complete failure so I didn’t even try this time.

The only logical thing to do was to turn her into a prison nun.

Backed by a hurricane halo, she he is wearing an orange prison habit and is administering stigmata on herself with a shiv. Robocop nuns escort her by pinching her shoulder with painful ruler clamps. Jesus wails, reaching through the prison bars – he will spring her!

The tears are prison tattoos, which indicate that she killed someone, so steer clear unless you want trouble!  Is she really innocent?  Maybe.  But once you do a stretch in the convent, you come out hardened. Tough.  Jesus’ love just isn’t enough to straighten you out – especially when you know he loves everyone else too.


I found some mismatched letter stencils in my Dad’s old stuff and used them for most of the lettering.
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