No Eye-Contact With The Elevator Saviors


Text on this one says ‘Ellen avoided eye contact with the Saviors in the elevator…but she was intensely curious about how they had won their trophies!”
I didn’t like the way Ellen was sitting down in that hideous bridesmaid dress, so I stood her up, which created the illusion that her gnarly hands were sticking out.  So far so good.  She had a far-away, blank look in her eyes, the kind that you get when you are in an elevator trying to avoid eye contact with others in order to preserve your personal space. After placing her in an elevator, the only logical thing to do next was to pack the elevator full of trophy holding Jesuses.  I always felt that, instead of being hung out on a cross, Jesus should have gotten some kind award – like a Nobel Prize! One thing to note, the only hands in this painting belong to Ellen.  They are perfect in their hideousness, and I did not want to trump them with my own crude stabs at imperfection.  However, as Mrs. Breen noted, I malformed Ellen’s breasts.  As usual, this was not on purpose. I am no Vargas, that’s for sure!


To buy this Breen, go HERE.

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