Bad Black Swan Art

Mrs. Breen and I saw Black Swan last night and there was a scene with some crazy talking art. I know how that feels!

The quality of the art was rather poor though – it was like they ran out of money when they came to this scene and asked one of the grips to quickly whip up some pained portraits. Well, when my art screams at me I give it a serious breening! Just saying.

The movie was excellent, and I highly recommend it! Here’s the trailer.

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  1. I concur with your reflections on the Hanna-Barbera Productions Terrible Art Series in Black Swan. And, I think Eddie Breen should certainly have been consulted for the film’s set decoration. It would have been far more interesting to have seen more of your sincerely fascinating work than any more of that crap that poor bat-shit crazy Barbara Hershey was supposed to have painted.

    But, I have issues with skin and picking so the entire flick really rubbed me the wrong way. I liked the idea of a director making a part so difficult it may cause madness, but I hate the blood/fingers stuff. The premise that all dancers have bulimia seemed a bit dark to me, too, but my (Yes, peanut-allergic!) daughter now loves dance, so while this movie hardly freaked me out as much as your Breen painting of the evil Mr. Peanut, it still made me request she wait until at least age 16 to see it.

    Anyhow at the time I wrote this review on my blog. Thought you might like it.



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