Disappointing Valentine

I recently received a Facebook friend request from a former HS girlfriend. I didn’t respond as Mrs. Breen would defriend me if I did! However, it made me wonder what the reaction would be if my former GF actually got a glimpse of me in my present state of decay. She’d look at me as though I had just lurched out of the pet cemetery. Well, that made me laugh, and when something makes me laugh, I paint it up and  pass on the chuckle! The text says – ‘Don’t tweet or facebook The Prince of 1974 on Valentine’s Day – he is no longer what you expect!  A friend exclaimed, when seeing this piece, “We DON”T look this old!”  I responded, “Well, you’re only as old as you feel!”

This is the largest Breen I’ve done in a long time (32″ in its longest dimension),  and is chock full of obtuse symbols! The brain is rumored to be the most sensitive erogenous zone so I made that into a big Valentine heart. Monstrous birds and bees including Horus and the dead albatross from the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner frame the prince, whose current self cowers behind the throne. In the far-off future, when this work is hanging in the MFA, people will scratch their heads over its strange symbolism and wonder what Facebook and tweeting was all about – the same way people today are confused about the odd fruit-headed people gamboling about an ancient H. Bosch painting!



To buy this painting, go HERE.

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