Good Fish Bad Fish


No text on this fish. I found a piece of driftwood that looked like a fish and painted it up, differently on each side.  Usually I leave these things around the woods or the beach where I walk my dog, messages in a bottle so to speak. But this one was better than average so I figured I’d start it at a penny, no reserve and let someone get it who normally wouldn’t be able to afford my art.  Of course, if some wealthy collectors want to duke it out over this guy, I won’t complain about that either.  One side is good and one is bad, so there is a fish here for you, no matter how nice or naughty you are!  This is the first listing for 2012, please give me a few dollars so I can blow them on  lottery tickets! If you buy this fish and I win the lottery – megamillions or powerball – in the month of January, I’ll split the jackpot with you! Now how can you beat that! Buy this fish and maybe, just maybe, with less chance than if you were to get hit by lightning while eating an ice cream cone while catching a glimpse of a cyclops unicorn,  get millions of dollars back in return! Keep your eyes peeled! Two more paintings will be listed this week.


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