This Painting is a Failure! But a Spectacular One!

Main text on this one says ‘This Painting Is A Spectacular Failure!  So Now I Just Use It For Storage!”

I originally painted this up into a fierce Haka fish type captain, posted it on Ebay, but the work never reached its reserve and it has been kicking around the studio pissing me off.  I decided to take another whack at it but screwed it up even worse, so I decided to just use it for the storage of ideas that I’ve used perhaps too many times, and text that never made the cut, or that I may use in the future!  I plopped in stalk eyes, lightning, fire, falling stars, nuns, flame people, Jesus, Satan, skulls, cavefish, shamrocks with eyes, flaming heart with eyes, etc. Beard text says, Sea Captains that don’t know they’re dead race the tide forever. Listen to this painting but don’t stare at it or you could go blind! There is a cold spot on this art because it’s haunted! Fpor the good of this art the people have been removed! Body art says, ‘In an effort to maximize painting occupancy, three people have been moved into each subjects allotted space! Although Eddie Laughs at his nightmares, no one else gets the joke. Although my entire body of knowledge is obsolete, it is the blueprint to my success! Cymbals do not soothe sea monkeys! This painting died for my sins! They’re happy, I’m angry, we’re that kind of family! Please don’t notice the other areas of this painting, you are only authorized to focus on this spot!’

This is perhaps the busiest breen evah!



For sale here –

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