I’m With Stupid


‘ Although my entire body of knowledge is obsolete, it is the blueprint for my success!’ This work arises from something I read about in December, where the scientists at CERN had reproduced an experiment which showed that neutrinos traveled faster then the speed of light. This blew many minds, as, according to Einstein’s E=mc2, nothing is supposed to go faster than the speed of light.  I believe they are still waiting for independent non-CERN confirmation of their results, but, you know, there aren’t that many goddam particle accelerators hanging around that can measure this at a moments notice. As it was, it reminded me again, that EVERYTHING I KNOW IS WRONG!  The silver lining to this is that time travel is now possible!  Yaay!

Here Einstein is wearing a duncecap with his famous relativity equation on it. The subject is next to a galaxy with a black hole at it’s center, below right is the Large Hadron Collider, with an eye in the middle, the fabled tortoise and the hare are above that – the Hare representing the supposedly fast light(C) and the tortoise, neutrinos(V).  Our subject wears an ‘I’m with stupid,’ T-shirt pointing at Einstein (and my name too.) Above that to the left is The Time Tunnel from 60s TV fame, just made possible by the new CERN discovery! I love science but don’t understnd it well, especially physics, so I paw and whimper at the canvas, mixing my tears of intellectual frustration with the pigments. Boo-Hoo! Don’t wait to bid – this is an especially pompous breen with a high price tag to match!

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