Blackmail Valentine


Sorry! I don’t have the prebreen image on this one. Text on this one says – ‘Please be mine, or I’ll have to kill this chicken!’Woman says,”You really DO love me!”

This is the annual painting I made for Mrs. Breen last Valentine’s Day. As usual, I woke up in a panic, grabbed a prebreen and instantly scrawled a half formed idea on it, my best kind of work! But, like all my hastily painted valentines, it ended up back in my studio, hidden behind the door.

Of course, I couldn’t leave well enough alone and breened myself, adding a little of that polished sophistication you’re so used to. And I put it up for sale! Now YOU can make the same kind of indifferent impression on your partner that I make on Mrs. Breen! And for that secret someone you have a crush on? Send them this and wait for the restraining order – which just might mean maybe! At the very least, next time you dine on poultry, reflect on the fact that perhaps your meal was the result of a love unrequited.

I will send anyone who is interested a free hi-rez version of this file so you can print out a card for personal use. Just email me back and I’ll send it back as an attachment. Be aware, however, that Eddie Breen Industries and Eddie Breen bear no responsibility for any misuse of it’s visual imagery (such as viewing anything painted by the artist,) and possible resulting side effects, such as, relationship destruction, job loss, shunning(if you’re Amish), ADHD, sexual dysfunction, loss of appetite, nausea, blindness, madness or death.

Otherwise, have fun with it!

To buy this painting, go HERE.

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