Silent Shell


Text on this one says, ‘Andre wept because he couldn’t hear the ocean!’ Andre is holding a conch shell up to his ear, listening, but is also standing in the ocean.  His family, who have become manta ray and sea anemone heads, are thrilled to have just survived this paint over! In the original painting, Andre looked pissed off and a little mean. Since he was always finding fault with his cheerful family, I closed his eyes, gave him tears and made him get in touch with his sensitive side. He can’t hear the ocean even though he’s standing in it, desensitized by his long hard life and he weeps.

His family was thanking me for the breakthrough before I turned my attention to them.  Rule of thumb – in a multiportrait, heavily breen most of the heads! Since they were the happy-go-lucky ones, it was better to transform them as they had the psychological wherewithal to handle it! And, as a consolation, I made them rich by giving the daughter a pearl the size of a softball.  That’s the kind of guy I am, generous to my art!

This is a magnificent humungous breen with a lot of energy! Come and get it HERE.


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  1. Never fails to make me smile. Love!

  2. Thx Louise! These tears were not spilled in vain!

  3. Nobody Breens in vain!


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