Political Clowns From Hell.


Text says – ‘Clowns From Hell Make Women Attempt To Escape From 1965 Again!’

As you can tell from my art, I’m pretty left wing.

I’ve been watching the news with astonishment every night as the Republican presidential candidates battle each other in debates, pushing farther and farther to the right in an effort to prove they are more evil than anyone else up on the stage.  Honestly, I never thought I’d be pining for the good old days when Richard Nixon, socialist by today’s standards, established the EPA!!!   The Republicans somehow managed to turn the whole freedom of religion thing into anti-birth control repression of women.  THIS is their stand in the culture war? They are truly, truly insane.

How can anyone vote for these clowns?  After hearing Santorum’s stand on providing birth control,  I saw this lady in the corner, kind of scratched up and forlorn, locked up tight in that hairdo, and I knew I had to paint something about this. Then Santorum’s main backer made an idiot of himself on TV with the statement that he didn’t know what the big deal about  birth control was – in his day, women held a Bayer aspirin between their knees.  That clinched it, I went right over to my brushes.

I left the scratches on the original woman’s face and didn’t cover her over too much, she’s already been through a lot!  I just heard Santorum say something to the effect that the idea of the separation of church and state makes him want to vomit. I would have put that in too, but the painting was already done.

By the way, this is my first 3-D Breen! When you look at this, everything seems to float over the back-ground due to some optical illusion.  It isn’t very obvious in the photo, but you can really see it in real life.  Or at least I can see it, unless the painting is playing tricks on me.  And Mrs. Breen sees it too, unless she is simply humoring me.  I did not do this on purpose, it just seems to be! I accidentally painted over the original signature on this one, sorry!

To buy this painting, go HERE.

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