Quoth the DingDong, “Nevermore!”

I’ve been more effected than I expected by the death of Hostess. I haven’t eaten any of their products in years, and yet, I felt an instant hankering for Twinkies, fruit pies and cupcakes as soon as I saw the news on TV. I fooled around in Ebay, looking up the prices for the remaining items, fighting the urge to race the expiration dates with Fedex shipments.

Edgar Allen Poe shaves ‘Nevermore’ into the kid’s head while a DingDong raven looks on. The Delicious chocolaty grim reaper feeds the subject the last Twinkie the Kid while the Phoenix below prepares to burn it all down so Twinkies can rise again in some form or another. The meat of the issue dances around the edges on snack covered tombstones with the words ‘If Hostess can die then what about me?’ The kid here, painted in 1958, cries about impermanence, death, and a rebirth that doesn’t include him, or any of the rest of us, since we weren’t invited, in our present form anyway. Boo Hoo. Ugh! Someone slap me! For sale on Ebay
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