It Lives!!!!!

Okay, so I’ve started painting again. I’m working on a new website and investigating new methods of disseminating my work, so if you haven’t ever completely shaken me off and moved on to other things, keep tuned! I’m having a small show in my hometown of Ipswich, MA on September 28 through October 1.

Where have I been? The simple answer is riding my bike a lot. I like to paint when I’m happy to share a giggle. I haven’t been all that jovial since 2001 to tell you the truth, so I started cycling to flood my brain with endorphins. For hours and hours and hours. Weeks and months and years, very Forrest Gump! Up very steep mountains, on gravel trails, on regular roads, everywhere, hundreds of miles at a time. I’ve aways been a cyclist, but not this obsessed. I’d rack up 8000 miles a year on the bike. Then I’d be too tired to paint. But cycling along recently, I started having some breenish thoughts. They just started popping out again.



So I dusted off my brushes and cracked open my paints and started back to work. You won’t see this stuff on Ebay, or wherever I sell it, until October, because Im stockpiling for the show.

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