Painting is about 20"X16", acrylic on oil or acrylic stratched canvas, painted over an existing painting. Text says, ‘Our First Gay President Was A Republican Who Loved The Theater!"

You may be thinking to yourself, now where the heck did this come from?! Mrs. Breen and I were having dinner with a friend last weekend when he told us about his relationship with his mother, who sounded kind of like an older Ann Coulter. She hadn’t come to visithim, ever, as she disapproved of his same sex partner, whom he has been together with for over 20 years. She also disapproves of Massachusetts, liberals, Gays, the President, and everything that isn’t leave it to beaver.  While this has been swirling in my head, I’ve been inundated with Lincoln news since it was the 200th anniversary of his birth on the 12th. Around this time I read an article about a book by C.A. Tripp positing that Lincoln was gay. This would mean the perhaps the greatest president the US ever had, a Republican, was gay! The book has been around since 2005, I don’t know how I missed that one.

I had this Hockneyesque portrait kicking around and he said, "Lincoln is just all right with me!" so I went to work. The theater masks he holds are African masks, in honor of the Great Emancipation and the stars hold obscure symbols related to Lincoln. I made a Lincoln hat in one, which then reminded I should also put a hat on Lincoln, but a tiny jaunty one. All the portraits I’ve ever seen of Lincoln or anyone from the era show them with a serious facial expression. So I hung an ill-fitting smile on him, giving him a break from the depression he is rumored to have suffered from. I kept most of the hair, the shirt and the nose from the original portrait, and ‘Lincolnized’ the eyes. They are the original eyes, just enclosed with different shaped Lincoln lids.

The color on this painting is more vibrant than appears here.

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