Text says, ‘Both a +nun+ AND a Buddhist, Sister Rita thought it was okay as long as she felt guilty about her state of enlightenment!’About 12”X9” acrylic on oil?acrylic? on canvas board.

This portrait had a real ‘you are going to get it when you get home mister! I’m very disappointed in you!’ kind of look. So I threw her into a nuns outfit because, well, I don’t have to take that from anybody anymore. I know there are nuns in the Buddhist faith, and I started thinking about that, wondering if there were any similarities to the Western variety, I thought, ‘Are their rulers are made of bamboo? Are they more enlightened?’ A hybrid Catholic/Buddhist nun would probably have unusual spiritual characteristics,, so I gave her a big third eye and a heap of guilt and promptly ran out of space. Professional Buddhist Richard Gere will have to wait for another painting to make an appearance.