Thin Skin



Text says, ‘A little bird told Maddie not to skate on my thin skin.’ The owl says, “Don’t mention his man boobs.”

I kept the shape of the owl and girl, generally, and kept the owls eyes. The snowy environment became my body, thin skinned and full of cracks. The owl looked muscular so I gave him human skin. I have this recurrent feeling when I eat chicken that I feel like a cannibal – chicken legs look human, at least the skin. I tried different things on the girls face, none of which I liked. The painting just got scarier and scarier, like it usually does. I decided to give it a big eye, to soften it a little, but it still came out with an edge. I left the hand a different color from the face, because, when I get a hand right, I generally leave it alone.

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