Fun and Games


Text on this one says ‘It’s all fun and games until the cave fish eats a mime!’ The original subject had cave fish pallor,  so I had a cave fish eat him.  Cirque Du Soliel type acrobats perform nearby.  But the show isn’t a hit as people can’t see what’s going on in the cave – it’s too dark!

This auction finishes on Christmas eve!  Buy YOURSELF a Christmas present for a change! An inoffensive breen, unless you’re a mime, in which case you are saying, “Et tu Eddie?”


Captain of the Food Chain


This is the first painting completed in my new studio! I put up a Sea Captain wall but had this Germanic bearded man who was odd man out. He was almost a Captain. He was old and had a beard. But he had a furtive, guilty look, not the confident, wise or simple curmudgeony look usually draped on an old salts mug.

A fishing net stretches like a spider web behind the Captain and catches fish I have either caught or eaten (striper, bluefish, squid, herring, lobster, clam, although the last two I’ve taken liberties with in the rendering as they are not usually cycloptic organisms.) I admit I have not eaten or caught the blind cave fish in the bottom of the painting, I just added them arbitrarily. I changed his pipe into a scythe and he holds out his hands, which have fish blood on them. This is not an anti-fishing painting, as I love to fish, but does deal with the ambivalent feelings I do have towards the activity! He is a killer of sea life, it is natural, but he is not comfortable with his role. Time to go to The Clam Box and grab a bite!


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Albino Ahab

AFTER BREENING(forgot to do a before photo)

Text says,‘Albino Ahab Sails the Deepest Whales In Search Of The Great White Cavefish!’Acrylic on oil? on masonite about 12.5″X10.5″ including painted frame.

Mrs. Breen, knowing my weakness for Captain portraits, recently picked this up for me in Rowley. I was feeling kind of Melville when I started the painting, but it seemed if we were going to have a large albino water creature it should be a sightless cave fish. So then I made the Captain sightless too and put him in a deep cave, which got kind of biblisized into a Jonah-ish whale gut.

As my paintings are usually teeming with eyes, I tried to resist putting any eyes into this work as an experiment, although maybe the empty eyesockets on the skull spider cheat a little.

All in all, an inoffensive whimsical breen if I do say so myself!

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