Text says,‘I have no ideas right now!!! Please come back later!’ Green man says, “But I am working through it!” Acrylic on oil? on canvas, about 24″X20″. I changed this one a couple of times and couldn’t think of anything to do. It sat for awhile, partially painted, looked too scary, so I put a heart in the middle to soften it up. I stared and I stared but couldn’t see past my eyes. YAAHHH!!! Blocked! So I painted a garbage can and a bunch of broken light bulbs and the ‘no ideas’ text. I painted my feeble pre-alzheimer brain which is full of tangles and plaque and spiked a bunch of other stuff I’ve overused in paintings in the past like eyes and fish. But then again, who doesn’t often feel like this, groping for fresh ideas, sick of the same old thoughts, plodding along the same old brain furrows. If you say “me”, then I hate you.

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