Mrs. Breen and I brought a bunch of our stuff to Brimfield(largest fleamarket in this part of the country)last week to sell, and I brought along a couple of paintings including this one, hung them up and listened. Sometimes people would giggle and move on, others would gasp and say, “that’s just disgusting!” casting dirty looks.

But a few tried to buy the art, shocked when I threw a big number at them – “but it’s funny!”(so it should be cheap!) But I really just wanted people to see my art, and see them seeing it. A guy from Tufts came by and asked me to send him past show info, publications mentioning me, etc., for possibility of show consideration. Then Ken Brown, famous artist, cartoonist, illustrator, post card and wrapping paper maker, etc., came by and gave me an ego boost, saying he liked my art. A very nice guy! After Mrs. Breen found out who he was and started the appropriate gushing, I belatedly joined in and caused a minor breach of etiquette by forcing a breen upon him! Ahhhh! Brown’s trash has never looked so colorful!

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