happy people


I thought I took a before photo of this, but I can’t find it. Text says,‘I see happy people!’Acrylic on oil? on canvas about 24″X20″.

We had a few families over on the 4th of July and after awhile a few of the kids migrated to my easel. They asked if they could paint, and always ready to steal ideas from kids, I asked what they would do to the sad lady on canvas. Within a moment or two, they came up with “I see happy people!”

Brilliant! Of course!

Now, I’ve already worked this joke with a Jesus portrait, “I see dead people.” But I could see how well this worked with the subject’s sad countenance, and as I was slightly drunk by then, I offered them half of what I could get on Ebay for the idea. MONEY? FOR IDEAS? They were in.

However, another problem arose. My 6 year old son, usually quite oblivious to my renderings, was abnormally sensitive to the few smiley faces the girls had painted. He became quite upset, as though being threatened by an evil clown, and I had to remove the painting to the top of the hutch while he jumped at my arms, trying to destroy the offending work! Yikes! What a critic! Usually he yawns at my monstrosities,but expose him to a few smiley faces and he FREAKS OUT!

Maybe my son is into something here, the tension and terror of the smile! Though I tried to hide the painting, tonight he saw the picture on my computer and knows what’s going on. Right now, as I write this, this very moment, my son is running amok with a pencil stabbing a piece of paper, saying this is what the painting is going to look like after he gets his hands on it. “DADDY! I AM GOING TO DESTROY THAT PAINTING!!!” He just said this! I have to lock it in the office to keep it from harm. TIME FOR BED DAMMIT! YOU ARE NOT TOUCHING THAT PAINTING! DAD MAKES GOOD MONEY FROM SELLING HIS ART! WHERE DO YOU THINK THE MONEY COMES FROM TO BUY YOUR CANDY AND TOYS!!!! Whew!.

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