Don’t Fear The Future!

But I can’t help it – I am afraid! Obama will save us…right? This is the 3rd of my New Depression Art Commodity paintings – the PREBREEN of this work was corrupted in my camera, and never made it out alive. This was a painting of a boy and his puppy. The puppy’s eye still exists untouched within the green creature. This painting is about the future, trust, and inevitability. First step in this painting this was to decutesify the puppy. It kept nipping at me until I had it Halloweened in a monster suit, until all it could do was stare out accusingly with its clear, sad, Bassett eye. Then I put an Obama in with a halo, and asked – what the hell are you going to say to this kid? Obama said not to fear the future, and you want to trust him, but things are so up and down – the kid has this look on this face, like maybe we should be watching out for him, maybe he is the monster, but he has this nifty ‘trust me’ tattoo. There is a magic-8 ball in a fang crowded mouth that partially says, ‘cannot predict now’. In honor of the New Year, I painted confetti and the Times Square countdown ball as my head about to explode. I used to have a lot of fun on New Years Eve, but as I don’t have lots left to look forward to as I did in my 20s, I find the weepy auld land syne more a harbinger of doom than a cause for celebration!