Crabby Money

Text on this one says ‘New Depression Art Commodity!’ and ‘This art is better because it’s expensive!’ This is part of a series of New Depression Art Commodities I’ve made over the years. This particular piece was for sale in an art show at Nina’s Nook in Turners Fall, but did not sell for the outlandish price I had it listed for. However, as this is designed as money, to perhaps one day be traded for your life at a mutant manned roadblock as you try to make your way to the northlands where the government provides free healthcare, cheese and all the ice cream you can eat, I think any price is worth it, don’t you? Think of it – this 400 million year old life form evolved to the point that I would find it’s shell on the beach, pick it up and glue pieces of sparkly plastic to it in a completely arrogant attempt to improve the WORK OF GOD! And in that, I think I’ve been successful! even if my thick fingers did leave a print on a few of the jewels! Never offered for sale on Ebay before…

Starting at a penny!


Captain Ed Is A Horse Of Course Of Course!

I think I mentioned my Sea Captain Wall in passing in the last post. After moving into the new digs and getting my studio set up, I noticed I had a lot of captains in the prebreen pile. Well anytime you get a big group of blow-hards together like that there is sure to be trouble. Damned if they didn’t gang up on me and demand to be hung! They looked so good as a group, I decided to make my own captains out of paintings that weren’t captains yet, thus you get the painting in the posting prior to this one. Though to be fair, he was practically a captain with the old man beard and pipe. Who needs maritime training when you look like that?

Tour my wall below:
Part I

Part II

Another painting that was hanging out at the prebreen pile was a horse head on round masonite.


So, I turned him into a Sea Captain!


"Captain Ed Is A Horse Of Few Words!" "Hey!" he says. Horseshoe crabs meander around and a Prairie Schooner is at anchor in the background. This is a simple inoffensive breen, and as such, is EXTREMELY RARE!!! Well, I’ll probably paint a bunch more of these until you’re sick to death of them, so stick around!