John F. Jesus



Text says,
‘John F. Jesus had better teeth than the other Jesus!’ acrylic on oil? on 27.5″X21.5″ on canvas including painted frame.

I’ve had this painting hanging around for awhile – no one wanted to pay the minimum for it when I first put it up for sale a year or 2 ago – Summer is usually a killer for my prices on Ebay, when the people who usually buy my art are getting enough sunshine to throw off their breen fever. Damn! But I rediscovered this painting when my buddy Fritz and I were goofing around and shot my mock commercial a month or so ago(He holds it up in the ad).

When I pulled it out, I noticed something that has bothered me for awhile – the bush genie looked much more like Ronald Reagan! So I just reworked him to resemble bush more, and gave him the requisite jesus hair and beard the other presidents have. America’s demon arch enemy is rubbing the lamp and bringing forth George, whom I’ve given a set of jackass ears for rising to the bait.


This is an industrial strength breen, and even more relevant now after the election than it was before considering the raging culture wars. And here we are on the front lines!

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