Cryptic Captain!

Sometimes I start a painting and it wheels out of control like a spinning car on black ice and slams into a tree! This is one of those!
I had a breen lying around that really wasn’t complete and I didn’t like very much. It started out as a little girl.


Since this was painted by someone named E. Burger, who I couldn’t find any info on (and unfortunately accidentally painted over the signature), I pretended it was by Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren E. Burger and made the portait into a judge. She is sitting in a brain surrounded by neurons beset py plaques and tangles which precede Alzheimers. Although there is no medical evidence to support this, I am firmly convinced my own skull is filled with these or soon will be!


Of course, she resented this treatment and stubbornly resisted being incorporated into the painting in any pleasing aesthetic way! Insolent child! But can I blame her? When I scrawled the text on the painting, I did it in large shouting Uncle Sam Wants You enlistment letters as thought that would give some meaning to this paint pizza.


So I’ve been glaring at her for the past year or two across the studio while she harbors a tight little smug smile, nyaah, nyaah, nya, nyaahing me. And when I had the idea of rebreening a Breen, there was no place for her to hide!

I am on a sea captain series as most of you know, and thought it might be funny to turn a young girl into a grizzled captain. I think we can all agree, the result is creepier than one could hope! I aged the face and gave her light blue eyes and popped the Captain’s Hat on her head. I also gave her a slightly open smile with very bad teeth, a technique all who vandalize art instinctually know from elementary school. The text, which appears to be jumbled, is perfectly readable once you figure out how. There is a spilled wine bottle at his/her elbow and I threw in a bunch of arbitrary eyes, simply because I could. Mrs. Breen thinks this one looks TOO creepy and suggested I throw in some flowers or balloons to soften things up like I sometimes do. But I decided to let it ride. After all, there’s no reason I shouldn’t float a creepy nonsensical breen every now and then! Lets face it! It’s what I do best!

This one isn’t for sale yet.