Intelligent Design


Text says,
‘George Was Not Intelligently Designed!’

Although this is painted on another painting, this is a rare, completely original breen with no part of the former painting showing. The other day I was thinking about intelligent design, clearing my mind, trying to be open to it and seeing how it sat. And I realized, it could be true! Our whole universe could have been created in the test tubes of some super intelligent Alien race! In the Bible, God doesn’t seem too smart, just pretty angry most the time that people aren’t paying him enough attention, so it didn’t seem likely that he really created everything – but Aliens! Why not? Hell, we did it with the Genesis Project in an old Star Trek movie!

Text says, ‘George was not intelligently designed!’

However, the biggest argument against intelligent design is George, so I tried to come up here with a feasible explanation. It’s obvious his circuitry can’t handle the programming – his addiction to booze(bottles bobbing in his oil drum head) gave way to an addiction to religion(represented by fish). Our Alien creators stand by in dismay – God took on John Lithgow’s features because my wife was watching the Kinsey movie while I painted this. Most of the circuitry behind the text is of an actual lie detector, which obviously doesn’t work, and I’ve added some nonsensical symbols.

I smell t-shirt on this one.

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