Kinky Quixote

When I do a commission(extremely rare event) I find I care way way too much about how the recipient will feel about the piece, and that kind of stops me cold. A Kinky Friedman (Musician, humorist, author, ran for Texas Governor in 2006) campaign poster was sent to me a year and a half ago by a friend of an avid collector and it became one of those unbegun projects that brood in a dark corner and regard me with disappointment.

A couple of weeks ago though, I saw a painting of dogs playing Poker and it suddenly blossomed in my mind – Kinky Friedman Plays Poker With Dogs!  I know he’s a dog lover, so it seemed appropriate on that level. I couldn’t stand the fact that you couldn’t see Kinky’s face in the poster, so that was the first thing I crammed in. Then I gave him a Poker hand of his own campaign posters. I then added the dogs at the poker table. Of course, since this is Texas, the democrat donkey is beaten by 5 aces while holding a pathetic pair of 2s. The pig/death/elephant steals the Texas-t-bone from the dog dish. The frog and snail and multiple Dalmation tails are what good ole boys are made of. In an additional theme, Kinky’s hat is now a Quixotic helmut. A windmill giant lurks in the background while a knight with lance, stands ready to tilt with it. I had the poster mounted in a frame and painted over the poster and frame.

Prebreen(same basic design but a different horizontal poster)