Curing Art

Painting is 24"X20", acrylic on oil or acrylic canvasboard, painted over an existing painting. Text says, ‘Nurse Nancy Doesn’t Know Art…But She Knows How To Cure It!’ Also, ‘Art Morgue, Room for 1 more honey!’This kind of painting would usually fall under the umbrella of quirky portraits I would not touch, being pretty perfect as is – but the vast yawning spaces of brown around her proved too enticing! I goof on post modern art and do a pretty good copy of a sick pirate (draw for talent test!) from The Art Instruction Schools. Also note the Twilight Zone reference(often haunting my works) and an Ozymandias self-portrait at the bottom.

This painting is already sold.



Still Life Gone Wild!

The type says – ‘Paintings Disguise Themselves As Gas And Food In Order To Sell During These Difficult Economic Times!’
Painting is 17.25″X13.5″”, acrylic on another acrylic canvasboard painting including painted frame.

Unfortunately, I misplaced the prebreen on this one! As we hurtle toward the Great Depression of the 21st Century why not blow the last of your worthless currency on this hastily wrought canvasboard? I have placed an oil well, more food and a gas pump into this still life in order to increase the paintings value! The work depicts food and gas so you can imagine yourself full and always supplied with cheap fuel! The hamburger eating former teapot gas pump shows a fuel price of 32 cents a gallon, the lowest I remember it being during my lifetime. The pighead oil well blows a gusher while our dollars burn. The type rotates around my colon while the word food languishes in my divertículos, ouch! The corn ear near “gas + food” is both gas and food these days.

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