Neocon Liberation Army



Text says,‘With enlistments down, the Neocon Liberation Army Kidnapped Patty Hearst To Fight In Iraq!’ Acrylic on oil? on canvasboard, about 24″X20″.

Mrs. Breen told me this one looked like Patty Hearst and it spiraled out of control from there.

I was a senior in high school the year Patty Hearst was kidnapped, and it seemed, at the time, pretty ridiculous. The Vietnam War was almost over and revolution, so to speak, was already out of fashion. The kidnappers were crackpots out of step with the times who had missed their chance. However, when ‘Tania’ first showed up in the news, all paramilitary and toting a gun, there was something incredibly sexy about her. My friend Tim was especially ga ga about her, as he was later about Nadia Comaneci, these two women who had 70s ‘greatness thrust upon them!’ Well, I guess in Patty’s case, if you consider being kidnapped by terrorists, sexually assaulted and brain-washed, ‘greatness.’ Yet, there she was in grainy tv images, a fantasy figure, you will satisfy me or take a slug, she says, now take em off…slowly, slowly! This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no fooling around!

Of course, the neocons know a good sex symbol when they see it, and if anything drastically needs sexing up, it is the Iraq War. I put the neocons on the SLA Hydra, making it a NLA Hydra. I also added Jason from Friday the 13th, it being Halloween and all, and a blue meanie, Bush’s candidate to take over Rove’s job.

Tania – you’ve still got it! Don’t get hurt, we’ve all been kidnapped!

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