Ipswich Marshmen Snowshoe Racing Club

It may surprise some of you to know I snowshoe race. Others who know me well aren’t surprised at all since I’m always bragging to whoever will listen what great shape I’m in and how far I run, bike, snowshoe, whatever, jesus, just shut the hell up we get it!

Anyway, at a snowshoe race in Salem MA recently I noticed the local Dungeon Rock racers had quite intimidating singlets with skull and crossbones on them – they looked glorious and I seethed with jealousy, especially as those stuffed shirts sailed passed me one by one! Of course, my natural misanthropic nature and general weirdness repels those team players with the colorful jerseys I covet. So, with no chance of joining a Team I vowed then that I would create my own! I would paint my own magic piece of clothing. One that would make up for my deficiencies of training and stamina. Here is the design below! I made a shirt on Zazzle and started a club – The Ipswich Marshmen Snowshoe Racing Club! So far I’m the lone member and, realistically, will probably stay alone, sniff. But if you do want to join the club, the only entrance requirement is to get a shirt. Here is a code to get $5 off(over $20) if you order something by 16 Jan?


Breenish zazzle here:
See you in the woods! Or probably not. I never see anybody.

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